SCE: Sea level rise adaptation plan aims to protect coastal areas

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SCE: Sea level rise adaptation plan aims to protect coastal areas

Manama, Aug. 18 (BNA): The Kingdom of Bahrain attaches utmost importance to the environment, as reflected in its plans and projects aimed at adapting to the effects of climate change, especially the plan to adapt to rising sea levels, the Supreme Council for the Environment (SCE) said.

In this regard, the SCE said that the sea level rise adaptation plan aims to take the necessary proactive measures to protect the coastal areas, and raise the level of resilience to address the repercussions of the effects of climate change.

The SCE asserted that the rising sea level issue is a global climatic phenomenon faced by all countries, especially island and coastal states, noting that the plan to adapt to sea level rise would contribute to protecting coastal areas from the effects of rising sea levels, according to a specific time frame.

The Council indicated that the coastal beaches in the Kingdom contribute to providing the necessary protection for the coastal areas by giving sea water the opportunity to ebb and flow, adding that the plantation of trees and mangroves also contributes to the protection of coastal urban areas, as these plants have the ability to cope with the sea level rise.

The SCE pointed out that Bahrain is located in the Arabian Gulf region, which is protected from storms caused by climate change, which helps to establish rocky barriers, as they are suitable means of protection against rising sea levels.

The Council added that its strategic study, devoted to assessing the effects of sea level rise in the post-2025 period, aims to integrate means of protection with the urban identity of the country.

Coastal walkways, which are also capable of limiting sea level rise, provide promising economic opportunities to set up coastal commercial outlets, the SCE added.

The SCE indicated that important infrastructure and tourist sites that may be affected have been identified, and the necessary action plans have been put in place to protect them from the effects of sea level rise through the aforementioned adaptation plan.